Care And Play Behavior

Care And Play Behavior

When it comes to reptiles it is believed that reptiles are primitive and display or perform only basic functions. However, some interesting facts have been discovered about reptilian species that point out to their complex behavioral abilities. For instance, the Nile crocodile will incubate their eggs and guard them against predators. They also help their young ones to hatch, especially if some young ones have difficulty coming out. Crocodiles are also known to play with objects such as twigs or sticks that they use for capturing prey.


Chameleons are known to change color so that they can camouflage themselves against the background on which they are residing. Chameleons are known to change colors to yellow, blue and pink even. King snakes of a certain variety mimic the movements of coral snakes. This discourages predators from hunting them.

The complex needs of reptiles arise from their specific diet as well as the need for heat or light to stay in good health. They also need a certain amount of space to live freely.

Nowadays, many exotic reptilian species are bred in captivity as there is a growing demand for them as pets. However, keeping them as pets can be challenging as a pet owner might not have adequate knowledge to provide the right environment for the reptiles to live naturally or be able to create the right living environment for them. Hence, if you truly understand the complex lives and the nature of the habitat that reptiles live in, you might refrain from trying to keep them as pets and in captivity where their natural habitat cannot be provided.

Pigs and what we need to know about them

Pigs are often branded as lazy and filthy and we use the word “pig” as a derogatory remark. However, if the animals are studied closely, it can be seen that they are smart, inquisitive and emotional animals. They often exhibit complex behaviors which show that they are intelligent animals. The concept that pigs are lazy can be refuted as well as can be seen from the way wild pigs in Bahamas love to swim in the clear waters. My good friend at owned a pig as a pet and he said it was a very good and smart animal.

Exhibiting social and sensitive behavior

Research has shown that pigs are social animals and they enjoy play time. This can even be encouraged by music. They are empathetic and affected by what other pigs feel. For instance, if they see that their mates are experiencing something positive, they wag their tails. On the other hand, pigs hold back their ears when they or other pigs experience something hurtful or negative.

Piglets are often attached to their mothers. If they are separated, they are known to show signs of distress by screaming. Pigs can also use reflections to see around them. For instance, when they are shown reflections of the food bowl that contains their food, they can use that mental image to locate the food bowl in their surroundings.

Misleading concepts

We often think pigs to be dirty as they are found to be caked with mud; however, it is a technique of protecting their skin that is delicate by using mud as a cover.

Pigs in Farm

Farm life for pigs

Pigs often need certain elements to live naturally that is not found on the farms where they are bred. Pigs are known to have the Eurasian wild boar and their ancestor and their behavioral needs do not differ much even if they are domestic pigs. They need the chance to forage as well as a space to move around and play. Where farms have less space and are crowded, pigs are often housed in. They do not have much space to forage and play around. When pigs are kept in close confinement, they tend to become aggressive; they often get frustrated and bite the bars or tails of each other. Such behavior shows that they are bored and frustrated as they have little control over their surroundings.

Hence, free range farming where pigs are allowed to play and forage and are their natural selves is the right kind of environment to breed them.

Reptiles As Pets Have Complex Needs

Can reptiles be pets? Some people have been exploring such a possibility. Among the different animal groups, reptiles have adapted as a key feature which helps them to survive the environment they live in. However, reptiles might not be able to recognize ownership or a consistent home that is provided to them by their owners. Hence, how does the relationship between reptiles and animals work out?

reptiles be pets

Amphibians are known to have existed from 380 million years back. Hence, their existence has been longer than that of humans. They are found in diverse habitats across the world and come in different sizes and shapes. The Komodo dragon is a reptilian creature that measures up to three meters in length; a chameleon on the other hand, that lives on leaves, can be smaller than the thumbnail as well.

Reptiles are cold-blooded; hence, to regulate their body temperature they need to move from one space to another. If they need to warm up they move to a spot that is sunny while they can move to a shade when they need to cool down.

Spot An Anaconda At The Paima Forest

Been to the Kanuku mountains? It is part of the group of mountains that are in Guyana. It is located in the regions of Upper Takutu and Upper Essequibo. The name also means forest in the local Wapishana language. Hence, the wildlife that is found here is diverse.

For those who are out for real adventure and a chance to catch wild species live in action can take a hike around Paima waterfall. This is also close to Jordan Falls. Paima is a popular place for wildlife tours in Guyana. If you wish to catch sight of interesting wildlife here it would be wise to take on a local guide when you visit this forest region. You could embark on boat tours or trekking expeditions here.

There is a group that went on an expedition here and they came across an Anaconda by the creek waters of Paima falls. There are several campsites here as well. Indeed, those who have trekked in this region have found breathtaking views as well as varied experiences. This particular group came across an Anaconda wound up in the creek waters. The forest here is a natural woodland that is best discovered on foot. It is also considered one of the unspoiled forest areas of the world.

Those who take boat tours here are prepared to find sights of snakes, but they need to manage their expectations as it might not be a fruitful trip always. Many tree boas are said to be a common sight here. The creek waters can be used for diving and fishing as well. However, it is best to do so under the guidance of a local guide. For instance, the crystal clear waters can hide a coiled up Anaconda snake as this particular group discovered. Not only did they find the find the snake lying curled up in a pothole, but they caught sight of it crosses over a stone.

Indeed, these are some of the several sites that one can expect to find in the lush green timber covered forest areas. It can be a real adventure to camp out amidst wildlife infested forest grounds, but with local guidance, many tourists attempt the same. Guyana forests might not have the modern amenities for campers, but for a taste of real and wildlife, camping adventure, this is the place to go where any unexpected event can occur.